AL Post 76 Moves to New Humana Neighborhood Location


by Terence Way | Photos by Su Phelps

Within a week of Humana’s grand opening of their fourth new Neighborhood Location in the area, AL (American Legion) “Spirit of Freedom” Post 76 held their first monthly meeting at their new home on the afternoon of June 23, 2019. This Neighborhood Location is part of Humana’s effort to combat what they term “social isolation” and hosts a plethora of free activities for aging seniors and veterans.

The facility seemed bright and cheerful with space for at least fifty AL Post 76 members to meet up. A pair of large flat screens were also available and in use to assist in their audio/video display needs.

The members seemed particularly jovial on this day. They even had as keynote speaker, Fred Wager, Deputy Director from NDVS (Nevada Department of Veteran Services), entertain the membership and update them on the latest NDVS efforts. He also gave a special shout-out to AL Post 76’s Honor Guard.

One of the upcoming highlights mentioned will be a celebration of veteran Virginia “Gunny” Wells, 100 year old birthday celebration on Saturday, 13th of July. She served two years during World War 2 as a nurse.

AL Post 76 meets every third Sunday of each month (at 1:30pm) at the Albertson’s Center:
Humana Neighborhood Location, 4830 W Craig Road, Suite 130, Las Vegas, NV 89130

For further information, please contact Tom Mahon at 702-619-2873, or, or visit:

Or visit their Facebook page at: