Captain Rodney Anthony Carlone’s Celebration of Life and Military Honors


By: Megan Way, Stephen White, Dave Jochman, Su Phelps and Robert Davison | Photos by Su Phelps, Lawrence Oravetz and Floyd White
Rod Carlone sadly passed on March 29th. The memorial service took place on April 28th, 2019. The Call to Order was done by active duty Navy and Marine Color Guard from the San Diego Naval base. Chaplin Dave Jochman led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance and in opening prayer. Over 100 friends, family and organization members attended the service at American Legion Post 8, where Rod was once Commander. In honor of Captain Rod Carlone’s memory, we have provided fond recollections from family and friends.
From Carlone’s sister, Carla Carlone: My brother is a very special man; My brother lived his life to the fullest, he enjoyed every moment of it. He loved well and he was loyal.
From Stephen White, American Legion Post 8 member: After he retired his position as Post 8 Commander, Rod became President of the Republican Men’s Club of Las Vegas. In his position with the Republican Men’s Club, Rod spent many hours single handedly producing a golf tournament for the 22 Warriors Foundation where he raised approximately $16,000 for them; additionally, Rod was a longtime supporter of the Veterans Reporter News, Nevada’s Premier Veterans Newspaper; For me it was a great honor just to be called his friend.
From Chaplain Dave Jochman, Greater Nevada Detachment 186 Marine Corps League: Rod was an activist. Not in the sense of a political sign waver and chanter, but an Activist in the sense of someone “Who gets involved”. In all the groups that I have been involved with, I usually saw Rod in a leadership role. I saw Rod at the Daedalians, Quiet Birdmen, 22 Warriors Foundation, MCL Golf Tournament, The American Legion and the Republican Men’s Club. He was a leader!
Captain Rodney Anthony Carlone, in my estimation, was an American Patriot, Naval Aviator and a “Good and Worthy” brother. He contributed inestimable hours of volunteer work making the Las Vegas Valley a better place to live. Bless you and “Soar High My Aviator Companion” until we meet again in “God’s Own Airspace”!
Mike Smith, Air Force Colonel ret. From Quiet Birdman presented a certificate of recognition to Carlone’s sister, Carla Carlone.
From Linda Cannon representing Becky Harris: “Former Nevada State Senator, ‘Rod Carlone’s life was one of service to his community and his country. It is an honor to acknowledge a resident of our great state who worked tirelessly in the community to improve the lives of his fellow veterans through his gifts of time, money and fundraising; Rod truly exemplified ‘walking the walk’, he truly put his energy into improving the state and the country; You wouldn’t have a finer or more loyal friend”
Publisher and Owner of Veterans Reporter News Su Phelps: Captain Rod Carlone was a patriotic veteran, he dedicated himself to the veteran community. He has served the veterans community in leadership roles such as President of the Republican Men’s club, Commander for American legion post 8, President for Siena Veterans’ Group, Flag Captain for the Daedalians Pilot Group and he helped many veterans who were in need. Captain Carlone has served 29 years, active duty and reserve. He also served more than 20 years as an American airlines pilot. He served his country and his people until the end of his life. Captain Carlone is a great asset to our veteran community and the best friend you could have.
On March 27th, Captain Carlone called me, he wanted to place an ad as an obituary for his veteran friend. He told me on March 28th at 10 a.m., that he had to give an eulogy for his veteran friend at his funeral in Boulder City Memorial cemetery; at 1:30 p.m., March 28th he suffered a heart attack and passed at 6:35 p.m., on the following day.
From Wayne Allyn Root: He loved America and he fought for it like an American; he was a leader his whole life and as we’ve heard, 29 years as a Navy fighter pilot and 20 years flying for the airlines. Rod went down fighting until the last day. If he believed in something and he was fighting alongside you, you wanted him with you; You always wanted him in the foxhole with you because you knew he had your back; It was a great honor to know someone who was such a great patriot of this country and I salute Rod Carlone.
From Former Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman; There is an abundant of emptiness left by Rod Carlone’s passing. Rod was a wonderful individual who will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him. Rod will be remembered as a great American who served his country and who was always a great friend of our veterans.