Congresswoman Susie Lee Interviews Iraq Veteran For Veterans History Project


By: Megan Way | Photos by Lawrence Oravetz
The Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress collections is home to over 110,000 personal stories from veterans that describe in their own words their experiences serving our nation from World War I to the most recent conflicts. Ivy Guillermo Del-la-Cruz is one of those veterans. On July 30th, 2019 Congresswoman Susie Lee came to the Veterans Transition Resource Center (2955 E Sunset Rd #101, Las Vegas, NV 89120) to interview De-la-Cruz to add her story into the Library of Congress for the Veterans History Project.
Before the interviewing Ivy, Congresswoman Susie Lee said, “My father was a Korean war veteran and sadly I don’t know the whole lot of his history; so he has since passed away but I really regret not having learned a bit about his history; We have the history books; but really, getting it down from men and women who were on the ground, I think it’s incredibly important; it really gives the human cost to war.” While Ivy now lives in Nevada working in healthcare, in the Army she was an active duty medic in Samarra, Iraq. She first enlisted into the Army for some help with college tuition but after a while she says, “I decided to go active duty because I love being in the military.”
When Ivy got to Samarra Iraq, she went through the difficulty of earning the respect of the infantry. “Somebody says, I’m gonna put in another medic, cause the infantry unit have their own medics; they are the first invasion in downtown Samarra, they don’t want us to go with them and they say we’re gonna go over and either; listen to the radio or do kitchen patrol, wash the dishes; I did not raise my right hand to go wash dishes and watch the radio, cause I know for a fact I’m a medic.” At the end of the day though, her favorite part was, “the fact of knowing that when we evacuated, we saved a patient, knowing we saved that life.”
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