IATSE Local 720 Flag Raising Ceremony


By: Megan Way | Photos by Su Phelps
On June 29th, in the first time in 50 years the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 720 brings together its members at the IATSE Local 720 Center to raise its the flag once again in celebration of July 4th.
Ron Povoromo, Secretary and Treasurer of the IATSE Local 720 says that “In every single showroom on the strip you’ll see veterans working those shows.” More than 20 percent of IATSE’s membership are veterans and Former American Legion Post 8 Commander and retired IATSE Local 720 member George Shiroky says that 25 percent of American Legion Post 8 members were also IATSE Local 720 members. Povoromo hasn’t served in the military himself, but he vouches veterans for their good work, “They’re always volunteering and they just wanna always give back; and anytime I’ve called veterans I know that I need sometime or need them to sit on a committee, they’re here the next day to help and early”. Some of the many shows the IATSE Local 720 (and its veterans members) have worked on are Jubilee, Phantom of the Opera, Treasure Island Pirate Ship, Splash in Riviera and many more.