By: Robert Reed
“. . . I don’t know if I am crazy, but I have an emotional attachment to the American flag.” This was the response I received when I asked what she feels when our flag passes by. This statement is not from a WWII veteran in their 90’s or even someone in their 30’s. It is from a millennial that is in her 20’s, and she that gets it! She understands that this is the greatest country in world and that the flag represents those willing to fight and die to protect our flag and the freedoms that it represents! She went on to say, “People that join the military are bad ass!”
The person that made these statements has a name and face that you might be familiar with if you watch Channel 13 KTNV here in Las Vegas. Though reporter Leah Pezzetti is new to the Las Vegas Valley, she is already making her mark here with our veterans.
Leah’s first broadcast journalism acknowledgement came during her first year in the news business when she won an Emmy Award for a human interest story while working at a television station in Bakersfield. With a little giggle and a smile she says, “For the rest of my life I can call myself and Emmy Award winner!”
Leah is a new breed of news reporter known as an “MMJ” or “Multi Media Journalist.” This is a title for TV journalists that shoot, edit and broadcast their own work. “Not to toot my own horn but I am pretty good at shooting video.” Leah noted that being a good storyteller is also important. “I genuinely care about the people I am talking to . . . I love being a voice for them! I don’t ask robotic questions . . . I just let them talk!”
Attending college to complete her Masters Degree in Meteorology, Leah only has time for one man in her life, S.A.M. or Secret Agent Mittens a rescue cat that she adopted from the Animal Foundation.
She comes from a family that has “served,” though most of her inspiration comes from her Marine grandfather who she says is, “. . . the most proud Marine out there!” displaying Marine patches on his clothing, hat and even his cane.
Leah has a special place in her heart for our military heroes, especially those that served in WWII. She recently volunteered to go on assignment with Honor Flight of Southern Nevada and the thirty area veterans that visited their monuments in Washington D. C. Talking to the veterans she says that they share pieces of history that you only read about. “You actually get to talk to the people that were there. It makes it real!”
Leah has a new series on Channel 13 called Veteran’s Voice. It airs each Wednesday on the 6 AM news broadcast and again at 6 PM. If you know of any veteran that deserves to be highlighted on Leah’s series, please contact her at Our community is lucky to have a “voice” like Leah’s that is so passionate about our veterans!