Veterans Village 2, February 16 Makeover Event

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By: Su Phelps

On February 16th, 2019 the Veteran’s Village makeover event was done by volunteers of various communities with the lead community being Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP). Among them are the North Las Vegas city councilman Richard Cherchio, his wife Gloria Cherchio, and Mike Kelly the board member of the United Veterans Legislative Council and a Commissioner on the North Las Vegas veterans Community Commission is also a volunteer for painting the door. The Carpenter unit has put up the kitchen cabinets for veteran’s village homeless housing. Councilman Cherchio’s Wife Gloria was there to help the carpenter unit. Current President of VAREP James Vega is an active duty member of the US Armed Forces leading the group along with Arnold Stalk who is the Founder of the Veterans Village helped direct and coordinated this makeover event.