Photos and Written by: Mike Colian

On September 7th Vice President Mike Pence made a stop at Nellis AFB at the Thunderbird Hangar to talk to active duty airman and veterans. The Vice President was in Las Vegas in support of U.S. Senator Dean Heller’s reelection campaign and gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt campaign. The Vice President spoke about President Trump’s administrations’ support for active duty military and veterans, the highest pay raise in years, and announced that the 35 new F-35s will be in production, along with money for new equipment. Vice President Mike Pence said that the White House will always have the military’s back. After his speech he personally met with several veterans from Las Vegas. An Retired Air Force vet says that the Vice President thanked him for his service and that he will always be there for veterans. Senator Dean Heller was also on hand, Senator Heller has sponsored and cosponsored bills that have helped improve the military and the Veterans Administration.