HR 2358


All veterans should support the Chinese American Citizens Alliance – Las Vegas initiative to have all Nevada’s Representatives sign HR 2358, the Chinese American World War II Veterans Congressional Gold Medal Act. This bipartisan legislation recognizes the dedicated service of Chinese American veterans of World War II and collectively awards them the Congressional Gold Medal.

Despite barriers to citizenship and equality in the early years, Chinese Americans remained patriotic and retained a firm belief in service to country. Chinese Americans served our nation in every war since the Civil War. In World War II, Chinese Americans volunteered for covert missions and operations in China prior to America’s entry into the war. Once war was formally declared, more than 12,000 Chinese Americans volunteered or were drafted into armed service.

The United States Congress has a proud tradition of recognizing forgotten groups who fought in World War II with a Congressional Gold Medal. Recognized groups include Navajo Code Talkers, Tuskegee Airmen, Nisei Japanese Americans, Filipino Americans, and women who served the country. We ask you to continue this important tradition and recognize the struggles and patriotism of Chinese Americans who fought to liberate Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa and Middle East and the Pacific from fascism.

Today, across America, the numbers of WWII Veterans dwindle daily and the opportunity to recognize them with their family members also decreases.  Likewise, fewer and fewer Chinese American veterans of WWII remain with us. The Chinese American Citizen Alliance urges your support, in honoring the remaining Chinese veterans and their comrades who have passed away.