Judge Mark Stevens’ Path To The Henderson Veterans’ Court


By: Tonyray Silva
Paid for by the Committee to Re-elect Judge Mark Stevens
The career path to the judicial bench for Chief Judge Mark Stevens of the Henderson Municipal Court began when he was a young 2nd Lt., working for the Judge Advocate General’s office, while serving in the United States Marine Corp.
He yet again rose his right hand and swore a new oath, to “Protect and Serve,” the great people of Henderson, as an officer, with the Henderson Police Department.
Always feeling a need to serve and be proactive in the community, again he would find himself pursuing professional development as an attorney for the City of Henderson and eventually seeking a seat on the bench of Henderson Municipal Court nearly 12 years ago.
Judge Stevens signature achievement has been his vision to help those who have served their country through military service by founding the first Veterans Treatment Court in Nevada.
Often, military veterans might be unaware that their mental health may have changed during times of intense traumatic events or caused by other non-combat related physical or psychological traumas. The program forces Veterans to address the root issue of their uncharacteristic behaviors and choices by mandating that they be seen regularly by mental health professionals, both at the VA and at the Vets Center.
Henderson Veterans Treatment Court has graduated more than 147 military veteran personnel from its program. This program has helped families heal and be reunited, has broken the chains of addiction, addressed mental duress and changed the trajectory of 147 lives that at one point were headed in the wrong direction.
Please visit www.judgemarkstevens.com for more details.