By Susan Santarcangelo
Senator Jackie Rosen held a roundtable discussion on the need for greater minority participation in local media. The meeting held on October 3, 2019 at the Senator’s Las Vegas office included journalists from several local minority news organizations including Helen Hsuch, Las Vegas Chinese Daily News, Christin Dela Rosa, El Tiempo, Bev Llorente, The Filipino Channel, Hernan VeLa, La Pulga de Las Vegas, Johann Veia, La Pulga de Las Vegas, Bobby Macabagdal, Las Vegas Asian Journal and Su Phelps, owner and editor of the Veteran Reporter News.

Senator Rosen (D-NV), who is a member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation explained, “When we have more diverse media voices in the conversation, we have a healthier democracy. We need a media that’s more reflective of the world on which it reports… [and] I will continue to work to support a media that is strong, diverse, and representative of our country.”

Rosen fielded questions covering a wide range of topics. Bobby Macabagdal of the Las Vegas Asian Journal raised the subject of immigration efforts to limit the number of extended family members who are allowed to come into the country and how that impacts families of military veterans. Senator Rosen explained that it is an issue she is directly involved with. “I’m actually meeting with a World War II Pilipino veteran trying to be sure that that [family unification] continues to happen. That every family member of a WWII veteran gets to come here before those veterans pass away…that’s a promise from me.”
In response to a follow-up question about immigration issues at the border and policy towards legal immigration she stressed that she wished she did not have to say it but that “…there’s really a culture of cruelty. … Every single thing is under attack and we have to methodically, most of us, at least on my side of the isle, and the others who are like minded…we’re going to have to fight back, and try to, step by step, stop what they are doing. Unfortunately because of the way they do things we are in a reactive mode, instead of a proactive mode; and we’re just going to have to keep fighting and standing strong every time they push another bad policy. We’re going to find whatever tools we have in the toolbox to fight that. We just don’t have a choice in that and that’s what we have to continue to do.”