Veteran’s Reporter News makes lasting imprint for the whole veteran community


By Janet Snyder

This is a photo of Su Phelps, Publisher of the Veterans Reporter News, taking photos at a NDVS event in Las Vegas on 3/31.  Su attends as many events as possible, to report about what is going on in our military community.

Su Phelps is always looking for information about community events and what people or groups do to support Veterans.  However, that is not considered advertising.  It is news.

You can create an ad for your organization with the logo or interesting photo or graphics.  Include the time and place you meet and anything about membership and whom to contact.  That is advertising.  Create something or Su can help you and give you her advertising rates.

To become a member of any organization, you need to be qualified and pay the membership dues.  It’s the same with advertising.  If you want to promote your organization and what you are doing – or to promote yourself as a candidate for public office – include advertising in your budget.

The best way to reach the military community in southern Nevada is by advertising in the Veterans Reporter News.

Go to this link to the Veterans Reporter News:

Click on the highlighted stories which have larger photos and text.

As Publisher of the newspaper, Su has given non-profit organizations a lot of free publicity in the past and has not received any advertisement business from them.   As you know, the Veterans Reporter News is a free newspaper.  It is subsidized solely on revenue from the sale of advertisements.  The cost is $5,000 per month to produce and deliver the local southern Nevada circulation.   It is the duty and responsibility of the military veteran community to support this newspaper, as it is designed specifically for veterans and families.  As the Publisher, Su Phelps is only able to produce, print and distribute this newspaper, if she has the funds to do it.

Consider contacting Su Phelps at: