You are not alone


By: Sgt. Heather N. Kaufmann, U.S.M.C Veteran
MWR Officer, NV-3 Sagebrush Marines, Women Marine Association

Established in June of 2018 at the Leatherneck Club, NV-3 Sagebrush has dedicated the non-profit organization towards the community of past, present and future service men and women of all branches. Composed of only women Marine servicemembers and loyal escorts, consistent dedication to aid the Las Vegas community is the focus and committed to our mission statement. Within the last year, NV-3 Sagebrush has participated in multiple events while reaching out to all servicemembers in understanding the most important supportive factor: “You are not alone.” NV-3 Sagebrush takes pride in expanding the espirit de corps to all while promoting civic and social welfare of the community.
“The chapter means a lot to me because it has afforded me the opportunity to be myself among fellow women Marines, while giving back to the community.  I have also had the pleasure of meeting the sisters and friends that, at the time, I didn’t know I needed. I value the ladies of the NV-3 Sagebrush chapter and enjoy the history and traditions of the Marine Corps and WMA that we uphold while creating our own.” Cpl Leslie Zalmanzig, U.S.M.C Veteran, Chapter President, NV-3 Sagebrush Marines, Women Marine Association
Meetings are scheduled for every third Thursday of every month at the Leatherneck Club located on Spring Mountain and Arville.