By: Su Phelps and Megan Way| Photos by Su Phelps
The Stirling Club’s President and Vietnam Veteran Bruce Merrin and Vice President Margie Shepherd host a monthly networking luncheon with celebrity guest speakers from Bruce Merrin’s Celebrity Speakers at the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant (3987 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas). The last two luncheons on the February 27th and March 6th luncheons the guest speakers were Margie Shepherd, Ninon De Vere De Rosa on February’s luncheon and Chris Majer at the March luncheon.
The Margie Shepherd, one of the two speakers at the February luncheon, is Vice President of Stirling Club and Bruce Merrin’s Celebrity Speakers’ Best Speaker of 2018. She is also motivational speaker, author, Television & Radio Personality and Model. Her motto; “Come on abroad my plane of ambition cause we’re gonna land in your airport of success” Ninon De Vere De Rosa is Chief executive officer at Vegas Live with Ninon and author.
Chris Majer is the Founder and CEO of The Human Potential and author of The Power to Transform. At the March luncheon he spoke about how today we must compete for our futures, a quote from his book says, “What if you could design your future instead of having it just happen to you?” Below is a short interview with Chris Majer.
Su Phelps: Mr. Majar, may I ask were you in the military?
Chris Majer: I was not in the military, I was an instructor for the Army for 4-5 years and again with the Marines for a year and we did a couple little quiet projects with some of the elites in the Navy.
Su Phelps: I see so when you were an instructor what area did you teach
Chris Majer: Well we have a holistic approach to how you develop soldier’s talents, athlete all kind of in the same bundle, so we work on mind body spirit practices. How you build high performing teams and so our work covered everything from scalable hand to hand combat to leadership ethics practices morals and how you do that in a combat situation to command presence, physical fitness, we were a whole integrated unified holistic approach to training.
Su Phelps: Beautiful, that is really great so what are you doing now
Chris Majer: Nowadays we spend most of our time doing corporate work, so we do a lot of work with organizational transformation leadership coaching, leadership development, how you build effective teams just like athletes but in a corporate setting and we do the occasional work with veterans cause that where we got our start, in the military so we have a big passion for taking care of our veterans. Frankly as a society we’re not doing a particularly good job so that’s why we got an ongoing desire and commitment to work in that area.
Su Phelps: Thank you so much.
If you’re interested in going to one of these luncheons look up “Stirling Club Business Networking Group” in Facebook.